HDMI cable advantages compared to composite cables on Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is one of the best sources for pure home entertainment. Easily keeping tens of millions of people entertained, the Xbox 360 has captivated the whole world with its great games, sounds and game play. However, it’s not just the games, sounds or the game play that has most captivated and impressed the world. The Xbox 360’s most impressive feature is the crystal clear, razor sharp graphics. Capable of reaching 1080p resolution (the highest definition available), Xbox 360 players are going to need to play on 1080p certified HDTVs to fully experience the Xbox 360 in all its glory.

Do you already have a 1080p HDTV? Many Xbox 360 players do, but most still struggle with the decision on whether to go with the HD composite cables or the HDMI cable. When it comes to getting the absolute best video quality, choosing the wrong cables will ever so slightly decrease your video quality. So which cables system results in the higher video quality? Well, before I answer that question, I want to briefly explain what the HDMI and HD composite cables are.

The HDMI Cable stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface and it’s a singular cable that incubuses all video and audio components. The HD composite cables (officially known as component video cables) are a bunch of cables, usually color coordinated, that transfers digital signals from the source to the television. Which is better to use? Personally, the HDMI cable is the better choice because there’s less wiring you’ll have to deal and the HDMI was specifically created to transfer very large, uncompressed streams of data without any problems.

The two reasons why I didn’t choose the HD composite cable is because the HD composite cables weren’t designed quite like the HDMI cable to handle large, uncompressed digital signals and the HD composite cables are too cumbersome. There are five individual connectors that you have to plug into your television; two are the audio connectors and three are the component video connectors. With so many connections that must be made, the HDMI cable with its single connection begins to look superior. But ultimately, it all comes down to the video quality. Which cable produces the better video quality? Honesty, there is little to no difference. If one is better than another, the HDMI would be the victor. But in the very end, either one will be more than enough to for you to enjoy your high definition gaming experience.

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