A great way to play Game

For the game lovers, certainly a lot of the time you use in front of a TV or computer. In fact, you may not forget the time, until it does not know how long you play the game. In this article we try to share some tips that maybe you could use to play games with your health consider this fixed.

First, Resting appropriately. Play a game in a long time is not good for the body, and sometimes not so good for your performance in the play. Every few hours, take at least ten or fifteen minutes to get up, move, and focus on other things besides the game for a while. You will find that when you come back you will be a little fresher, and consciously or not, may play better.

Second, Exercise interrupted game. The easiest way to do this without having to change your schedule. Almost every game you play has a pause as lobby to wait, wait come back to life after death, or the loading screen when switching from one screen or area to another. Use the time to do a short exercise.
Because sports is not a fun activity for everyone, it also can be used as a way to motivate yourself to play better. If you hate doing push-ups but you start often do it because they often die when playing Dota, slowly you will play better or more rarely die. All forms of fast sport that requires no tools is a good choice of activities.

Third, a game that requires movement. There are many games that can make you exercise while playing. My advice, play dancing games or sports; You are guaranteed to be sweating but still entertained. It’s actually just a psychological trick – nothing can prevent someone to play the game even if I did not exercise except themselves – so this probably was not the way that suits you. But creating a separate system that encourages you to exercise by giving rewards to the game is not a bad idea.
If you have money, there are also options such advanced Omni. Indeed, not many people are willing to spend $ 500 for accessories like that. But if you are one of the few guys, then it may be the best way to stay healthy while playing games.

Fourth, use comfortable footwear. If you play games by sitting in a chair or on the floor, use a comfortable cushion as a pillow. Because using this pedestal muscles in your hips more relaxed and not too hard to hold your body, let alone in a long time. Especially if you sit on the floor, the cold floor can make your body’s health impaired. Therein lies the importance of the pedestal, look mat or cushion thick, soft and warm that makes you feel comfortable, like cornhole bags. During the time – do not forget the happy fitness of your body, if you are not fit then it is unlikely that fun you can