Starcraft 2 Gameplay – How To Master Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 gameplay is going to be recognizable and comfortable to any former basic Starcraft players. You still have the choice of terran, zerg, and protoss, most of them retaining similar strengths and weaknesses they had before. But aside from this foundation, blizzard has pulled no punches with Starcraft 2 (nor should they, as they took their sweet time with it).

Starcraft 2 gameplay guide First thing you’ll notice is the graphics. They have become so much more realistic that in some situations they resemble cut-scenes from major RPGs. The unit-terrain interaction is more realistic as well. Some units will visibly climb higher ground and ships get blown to fiery bits and slide down ramps.

Each game begins using the same base/unit set. It will still end under the same conditions, and whether you win or lose might be determined by seemingly minute details at the time. Are you a tower junkie, do you love unit rushes, or is it a fast tech game? Every choice you make, timing included, will influence the outcome of the game greatly.

Since Starcraft 2 is still in its infancy at the time of this writing, there is going to be a sizable learning curve for all players. You can take advantage of this time period and hit top ladder rankings rapidly. You seize this opportunity when you grab a game guide. It helps to shortcut the learning curve.

I still believe the game is more art than science, but it helps to have proven approaches and build orders to start with before you rush in blindly. Are you running into problems against a particular race or unit set? A Starcraft 2 guide can save you a lot of aggravation. If you do not have a jumpstart on the best techniques and strategies, you are going to rapidly be left in your opponents’ dust.

Some may well lie to you and tell you that a specific video game guide will make you a pro overnight. It will not. True domination of Starcraft 2 gameplay may only be gained with a certain amount of practice, and the skills you gain from said practice. The amount of practice it will take you to become a master is going to be seriously decreased should you have a guide though.

Not all guides are purely text-based. A very good game guide will contain video instruction also. Choose wisely which guide is appropriate for you.

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