Cheat Codes Uping The Value

Want the more from your games? Cheat. When it comes to video games, there is no shame in taking advantage of the built in cheats and unlockables installed by game manufacturers. Although some purists stuck in the Puritan era turn up their noses at “cheating”, video game cheats exist for lots of good reasons and are meant to be accessed.

Rare is the game that did not have cheats. Cheats were added by game makers to speed up play-testing before the game’s release. When manufacturers neglected to ditch the cheats before marketing the games, players soon discovered them and took full advantage. Whereas once you had to be a genius to discover the cheats, modern gaming and game consoles have actively incorporated cheats into the game’s desgin.

Cheat codes are good for several reasons. Non-serious gamers love them because they are time savers. With cheats, you can skip levels that are too challenging or which you have already beaten. Since cheats allow you to change lots of aspects of the game and find hidden stuff, they make game replay way more cool. Some cheats can make a game more unusual or more challenging; some are just amusing, like big head mode or rioting pedestrians. Some let you storm your way through the world of a game completely invincible in God mode; meanwhile “minime” makes your character so tiny that it cannot be hit in close range fighting.

It doesn’t take a genius to see how cheats enhance game-play and add value. Cheats aren’t a cop-out, in fact, they make a game more open-ended and creative. So let the stick-in-the-muds stay stuck on level nine for the rest of their natural lives. Everyone else can punch in the cheat and get moving!

It has never been easier to get to that ultiamte level, or even finish the game. Often, all you need is that little something that get you past hordes of zombies or thousands of invading troops. Indeed, effective cheats are ones that help, not overshadow. Of course, it is fun to mow down the zombie hordes, level after level with unlimited ammunition, but often that gets real old, real fast. Using cheats in spurts is an art.

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