Microtransactions Are the Bane of Gaming

Hearthstone is a popular game designed, produced and published by Blizzard entertainment in an attempt to bring back the nostalgia of card games like Magic the Gathering onto a digital, competitive platform. Unfortunately for Blizzard and their ridiculous, vain pursuit of micro payment systems that have been nothing but vilified by the greater gaming community, they have only served to cause players to recognize how the game is now ‘pay-to-win’ due to the power creepy that’s present. There are even cheats and hacks available for the game here at http://hearthstonecheats.com if you’re the kind of person who would much rather cheat at the game. At this point in the game’s evolution I’d be tempted to suggest that a player who is not paying for decks and cards would have to ‘cheat’ in order to remain competitive with the players who are paying. To me, that’s on the same level as cheating. Just because a design of a game includes microtransaction doesn’t make it correct. Continue reading

Newspaper Route and Online Printed Invoices Lead to Job Opportunity for Young Man

Our son has always been interested in having his own business. We got him an old cash register when he was nine. He programmed it and used it to run a lemonade stand all summer long. His stand actually turned a profit every day. He has moved on to delivering newspapers. On his collection runs he gives each customer a printed invoice he makes online using a receipt template. It looks very professional and is much better looking than the tear stubs the newspaper gives him to use.

This professionalism has caught the attention of a business owner on his paper route. The man liked the attention to detail and the desire to make the customer happy. Continue reading