What A Starcraft 2 Cheat Can Do For Your Gameplay


You’re probably thinking only new or inexperienced players need to use Starcraft 2 cheat, but nothing could be farther from the truth. No matter how long you have been playing the game or how many hours you have been putting in to level up, you can take your gaming experience to the next level with the use of a cheat or two. In other words, what a cheat does is make game more challenging and fun.

A common and useful Starcraft 2 cheat is getting the ability to manipulate certain conditions of the game instantly. For instance, there is a cheat for instant loss and a cheat for instant victory. To make your opponent lose instantly, simply type “game over, man”. To achieve instant victory, just type “there is no cow level”. These two cheats are sure to come handy, especially when you’re getting badly beat up by an opponent.

Thee are many more cheats that you can get access to online without having to pay a penny, but compared to the ones that you do pay for, these are quite basic. For example, if you want to get 500 minerals instantly, just type “whats mine is mine”. To get a free unit upgraded, type “something for nothing”. You can also get a free technology upgrade; simply type “medieval man”.

Of course, knowing a Starcraft 2 cheat or two does not guarantee victory for you. Most of these cheats are common knowledge, so most players have access to them, too. Interestingly, the fact that most players know these cheats means using these codes isn’t cheating at all. You’re simply making use of structures built into the game to get past certain hurdles. So go ahead and find out as many cheats as you can. Remember, the purpose of a Starceaft 2 cheat is not to achieve an undeserved victory, but to enhance the quality of the gameplay.

Pharaohs Secret Game Review


Its just amazing how Egypts many mysteries can still keep secrets up to this day when many documentaries and reports had already been made about them. Pharaohs Secret is nothing different, even being a game that explores a fictional story about the secret life of noble Egyptian rulers; however, how it fares as a casual game is entirely a different matter.

The game is a match-3 installment that revolves around the adventures of an archaeology student named Daniel and his professor during their investigations of the great history of Egypt. I must admit, the story is a bit confusing since at first, youre off decoding a strange papyrus discovered from another professors archives, then later on, youre trying to find the lost relic of the pharaoh Didumes. Whats good about the game though is that you can review the story afterwards, I reckon just so to clear things up a bit on your actual mission, but if youre like me, well, Ill just go on and play the game in any case.

Anyway, as a match-3 game, Pharaohs Secret follows the same gameplay as its predecessor, Da Vincis Secret. The gameplay is unique wherein you need to group 3 or more balls in order to eliminate them from the board. A ball can be moved in any location within the board as long as theres a path for it to travel on the intended area. If a ball is moved and no matches were made, additional balls will appear on the board. Do this for several times, and the board will fill up, forcing you to retry a level.

There are several objectives for each of the levels, and youll encounter a range of really difficult ones as you go along the puzzles. The most used objective is to put the key towards the same colored keyhole by clearing all balls blocking its path. Other objectives include assembling puzzle pieces by joining them together, and clearing out a mesh grating by matching the seal to its lock. Sometimes there are multiple objectives on a single level too, but dont worry too much, because even though the levels are timed (for a top score placement), you can always take as much time as you want in analyzing the puzzles.

Comparing the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect With the Nintendo Wii


Wii Deals

One of the latest updates and releases for video game systems is the ability to play through motion detection. All major video game systems now have motion detection hardware, including the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. If you are looking to purchase a new video game system you need to compare the two different systems with one another. Each has its own pros and cons, so you need to weight what is most important for your needs.


When looking at the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii you have to start with the price. This is also the best selling point of the Nintendo Wii, as it is considerably less expensive than the Microsoft Xbox 360. In addition the Nintendo Wii has all the necessary equipment packaged right in the box. This lets you start playing the motion controlled games without any additions. This is not the case of the Microsoft Xbox 360. Not only is the video game system more expensive, but you must also purchase the Xbox 360 Kinect on its own. This adds additional expenses to your video game purchase.

Video Quality

The Microsoft Xbox 360 is a full high-definition video game system. This is not the case with the Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii is standard-definition and does not provide the same video and audio quality of the Microsoft system.

Video Game Selection

The Microsoft Xbox 360 has a larger listing of video games. Although the full list of motion detection games is higher for the Nintendo Wii, you need to take into consideration the entire video game line up, which Microsoft has in spades. However, the Nintendo Wii has more games geared towards children, so if you have young children the Nintendo Wii may be the best system for you.


The gameplay between the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect and the Nintendo Wii is slightly different. The Xbox 360 Kinect has a single cable that monitors your motion, but no actual controllers are required as the system reads your movements. The Nintendo Wii, on the other hand, requires you to hold a small sensor. The game sensor detects the movements based on the small relay device placed at the front of the device. Often times, the Nintendo Wii is not as sensitive as the Kinect, as the motion display equipment in the Wii controller may become covered while in use and the docked sensor hooked up to the Wii itself is unable to read the movements. With the Kinect, you just need to make sure, when playing with another individual, you must make sure you don’t stand in front of the other person, as it interrupts the Kinect camera’s reception.